The Barbados Water Authority advises residents in parts of St. George and Christ Church today, Sunday, November 6th that it has completed repair of the 12-inch main at Carmichael in St. George.

However due to the demand on the system, customers in the following areas may continue to be impacted by water outages or low pressure for a while, until the system is fully recharged.

In St. George

  • Ellerton Gardens
  • Ellerton
  • Ellerton Main Road
  • Buckley Meadows
  • Windsor Hill
  • Carmichael Heights
  • Buttals
  • Brighton
  • Boarded Hall
  • Dayrells Hill
  • South District
  • Hanson Heights
  • Rowans Park East
  • Walkers
  • Glebe land
  • Dash Valley
  • Stepney Ridge
  • Watts Village
  • Lower Greys
  • Niles Road
  • Good Intent
  • Eastlyn
  • Crawford Road
  • Connell Road

and surrounding districts.

In Christ Church

 Frere Pilgrim

  • Cox Road
  • Ridgeview Meadows
  • Staple Grove
  • David’s

 and surrounding areas.

Tanker crews will continue to assist residents of the affected districts until the supply returns to normal.

The Barbados Water Authority apologises for the inconvenience this service disruption has caused and thanks customers for their continued patience.    (ENDS)                                                  

 November 6th 2022