As at 3:00 pm this afternoon, Tuesday July 2nd, 2024, Barbados Water Authority teams have restored production capacity to 94 percent and this water is being pumped into the associated distribution systems.

Some stations are still operating on standby generators and this will continue until the utility power has been restored.

They are a few customers who are experiencing low pressure and outages at this time, which is mostly due to the high demand for water. This should be mostly resolved within the next 24 hours as the lines become fully charged.

Taking all of the factors into consideration, the Barbados Water Authority now expects to get production capacity up to 100 percent with the next 24 hours as minor repairs to equipment (Variable Frequency Drives – VFDs) are completed. Crews will continue to work steadfastly to do so.

Our water tanker teams will continue to supply customers in the areas that are without a pipe-borne supply in the interim.

The Barbados Water Authority thanks customers for their patience as work continues to address the service disruptions. We will continue to share updates on the progress.    (ENDS)