Brief On Water Sector Resilience Nexus For Sustainability Barbados – Green Climate Fund


The main objectives of the projects are to:

  • Build greater resilience to extreme storm events and drought conditions by utilizing cleaner energy sources, decentralising water storage, promote rainwater harvesting at the household and community level, and improve the efficiency with which rainwater runoff replenish aquifers in Barbados.
  • Further advance adaptation and mitigation initiatives in the water sector of Barbados by redirecting and mobilising local funds through a revolving adaptation fund.
  • Reduce the greenhouse gas emissions intensity of water provision by integrating renewable energy with back-up natural gas turbines and sustainable Water Loss Reduction (WLR) initiatives.
  • Contribute to capacity building via knowledge sharing and lessons learnt platforms within communities, educational organizations, private sector, civil society, BWA and the Government of Barbados to manage and monitor water resources.
  • Support the review and development of a legislative framework to supports climate smart development and water sector resilience. 6. collate and disseminate lessons learnt for use in developing further adaptation and mitigation initiatives and raising public awareness about climate change, water conservation, recycle and reuse, the revolving adaptation fund, Green Climate Fund and in general this project.
Adaption Initiatives