The Barbados Water Authority advises St. Peter and St. Lucy residents that it continues to experience low reservoir levels at a facility in the North which has caused the connected Pumping Station to remain offline.

In addition, the Authority is also noticing increased salinity levels at a few other facilities in the parishes which has caused the BWA to reduce pumping from those locations.

As a result, residents and businesses in          

  • Castle Tenantry
  • Alexandra
  • Collins
  • The Risk
  • Mount Gay Village
  • Luke Hill
  • Oxford Tenantry
  • Fairfield Plantation
  • Lamberts Plantation
  • Cave Hill
  • Date Tree Hill
  • Church Hill
  • Bayview 1 & 2
  • Centipede Alley
  • Boscobelle
  • The Baltic
  • Foster’s Fun Land

and the surrounding districts may continue to be affected by low pressure or water outages until the situation improves.

The Authority will make every effort to assist customers in the affected areas via water tanker in the interim.

The BWA apologises for the inconvenience these service disruptions may cause.    (ENDS)