The Barbados Water Authority’s Prohibition Notice will recommence on Monday, April 24th, 2023 and end on Friday, June 30th, 2023. The Notice places certain restrictive measures on customers as it relates to their use of potable water for: irrigation, watering of gardens, lawns and grounds; also for filling of tanks, ponds, baths or swimming pools, washing roadways, pavements, paths, garages, vehicles etc.

The measures currently in place are mandatory and enforceable by law. Anyone found in breach of these measures may be liable on summary conviction to a fine of $500 and if in default of payment to imprisonment for one (1) month.

The BWA recognizes that the measures will cause some degree of hardship to business customers whose businesses depend almost exclusively on water from the BWA supply to operate. In an effort to ease the burden on those customers, the BWA sets out a list of exemptions as well as a set of Water Conservation measures geared at assisting its valued customers in saving water during this period of drought.

Non-potable sources are not restricted. In general, no variations to the exemptions set out below will be permitted unless customers can demonstrate serious detriment from the application of the Scheme of Water Conservation measures or a particular stage of restrictions. The BWA reserves the right to vary or revoke exemptions at any time.

For further information or advice please contact the BWA’s Customer Service department at (246) 434-4292.




  • Wherever possible the use of non-potable water is encouraged for agricultural purposes. Rain water harvesting is the desirable means of irrigating agricultural plots.
  • Animal farmers should use handheld hoses or pressure washers (rated at less than 3 gallons per minute) with an automatic flow cut off device to wash their surroundings.
  • The use of drip irrigation for agricultural crops is permitted.

Fish Markets, Abattoirs, Restaurants, Funeral Homes

  • The use of garden hoses and pressure washers (rated at less than 3 gallons per minute) that carry automatic shut off devices shall be permitted for use by commercial entities such as fish markets, abattoirs, restaurants, funeral homes and the like.


Watering of Gardens and Grounds

  • The use of garden hoses shall not be permitted to irrigate plants, lawns, crops for domestic, institutional or recreational purposes; however efficient water discharge systems such as drip irrigation shall be permitted.
  • A bucket of water can\may be used at any time to water lawns, gardens or plants.


Swimming Pools and Spas

  • Owners of public swimming pools and spas which obtain water directly from the Barbados Water Authority’s supplies must obtain written permission from the BWA to refill them.
  • Permission shall only be granted if the water quality does not meet the requisite standards.
  • Before the BWA grants permission an appropriate certificate must first be obtained from the Ministry of Health & Wellness advising the owner(s) that the water quality has failed to meet an acceptable standard for bathing.
  • Water from BWA supply shall not be used to fill private (domestic) swimming pools, spas or other recreational water appurtenances.


Commercial Vehicle Wash

  • A commercial vehicle wash, a business that services, details or repairs vehicles or a vehicle dealership may wash vehicles provided that:
  • Garden hoses or pressure washers (rated at less than 3 gallons per minute) fitted with an automatic shut off device are used.


Non-Commercial Vehicle Wash

  • Vehicles not washed at a commercial vehicle wash, a business that services, details or repairs vehicles or a vehicle dealership, shall be washed using a bucket.


Window, Buildings etc.

  • Building gutters may be cleaned at any time by any means.
  • Windows and other external parts of buildings may be washed at any time, but only by using a bucket and mop/brush, squeegee or a high-pressure low-volume cleaner.
  • Otherwise, potable water must not be used to wash building exteriors unless cleaning is necessary as a result of an accident, fire, health hazard or other emergency. In these circumstances the most water-efficient method of cleaning reasonably available should be adopted.


Roadways, Dust Suppression

  • Wherever practicable non-potable water should be used to wash down roadways, driveways, construction materials.
  • In greenfield sites, the use of water from the BWA’s supply (once legally obtained) can be used for dust or pollutant suppression or earth compaction only:
    • by means of a hose fitted with an automatic flow cut-off device or a vehicle fitted with sprinklers.


In all other cases, BWA supplied water may be used for building and construction activities only where alternative water sources are not reasonably available or suitable.


Unless impractical, such water may only be used by means of a hose fitted with an automatic flow cut-off device.



April 24th 2023

Barbados Water Authority