The Barbados Water Authority advises that it will temporarily stop pumping from of one of its stations in St. George between 9:00 am and 12 noon on Tuesday, July 20th.


This stoppage is to allow emergency repairs to be conducted on a pump at the facility.

While the station is offline, customers in Proute, Forty Acres, White Hill Tenantry, Vaucluse Tenantry, Shop Hill, Grand View, Christie Village, Dukes Tenantry, Applewhaites, Locust Hall, St. Helen’s, Belair, Roach Village, Paradise, Groves Tenantry, Cottage Terrace, Bridge Cot, Newbury, Salisbury, Free Hill, Briggs Hill, Taitt Hill, Rock Hall, Workmans, Fairview, Middleton, Fairview Heights, Baird’s Village, Harmony Cottage, Farm Road, Retreat, Cottage, Superlative, St. Judes, Prerogative, Drax Hall, Greens, Jordans, Byde’s Mill and the surrounding districts

may suffer a water outage or low pressure.

The Authority will try to assist residents of these areas via water tanker in the interim.

The BWA apologizes for the inconvenience the emergency shutdown of this facility may cause.      (ENDS)


July 8th, 2021