The BWA advises that the 20-inch connection at its new St Stephen’s pumping station is complete. However, during the next three days, residents in the higher elevations of

St. Michael, St. James, St. Thomas and St George may experience a disruption in service as the water pressure in these systems returns to normal.

As a result, customers in the following areas may continue to experience low water pressure or outages:

  • In St. Michael:

Lodge Hill, Hinds Hill, Clermont, Warrens Heights, Warrens Terrace, Warrens Park, Warrens, Rock Dundo, University Drive, Airlie Tenantry, Grazettes, Clermont, Well Gap and surrounding areas.

  • In St. James:

Husbands, Clearview Heights, Meadow Vale Heights, Crystal Heights, Hoytes Village, Hoytes Terrace, Prior Park, Holders Hill, Durant Village, John Plains, West Terrace Gardens, West Terrace Heights, Husbands Gardens, Husbands Heights, Oxnards, Prior Park, Wanstead Heights, Wanstead Gardens, Thorpes, Haynesville, Bamboo Ridge, Seaview, Walcott’s Road- Sandy Lane, Bennetts Road and surrounding areas.

  • In St. Thomas:

Plumtree, Blowers, Bagatelle Gardens, Bagatelle Terrace, Welches, Welches Terrace, Welches Gardens, Redman’s Village, Melrose, Welches Grove, Bagatelle Park, Arthur Seat, Welches Heights, Kew Land, Padmore Village, Clover Crescent, Edge Hill Terrace and surrounding areas.

  • In St. George:

Flat Rock and surrounding areas.

The BWA’s Water Tanker team will continue to assist residents in these areas.

The Barbados Water Authority wishes to thank customers for their patience as they conducted this important connection and apologize for the inconvenience this work which forms part of the St Stephens\Lodge Hill project, may cause. (ENDS)

September 30, 2022