The Barbados Water Authority (BWA) today, Wednesday, December 27th, advises residents of some St. George, St. John and St. Philip districts that once again it has been forced to take two of its facilities offline due to the inclement weather experienced in the area.

As a result, districts expected to be impacted by low pressure or water outages while the station is offline include Drax Hall, Greens, Bath Land, Carters, Cherry Grove, Cheshire, Cliff Cottage, Coach Hill, Codrington, Colleton, Colleton Gardens, Gall Hill, Glebe, Guinea Land, Haynes Hill, Henley, Lemon Arbor, Macaroni Village, Massiah Street, Moncrieff, Moores Land, Mount Pleasant Gardens, Pool Land, Rosegate, Sargeant Street, Sherbourne, Small Hope, Society Hill, Spooners, Stewart Hill, Todd’s Tenantry, Wakefield Tenantry, Welch Village and surrounding areas.

The Authority will make every effort to assist customers in the affected areas via water tanker as a temporary measure.

The BWA apologises for any inconvenience caused.    (ENDS)

December 27th, 2023