Around 12:30 this morning, Tuesday, February 22nd, our SCADA system which monitors the Authority’s Pumping Stations alerted us to the fact that Barbados Water Authority’s facilities from St. Philip to St. Lucy were impacted by an electrical glitch.
This interruption in power took the Authority’s stations offline and personnel had to be deployed to restart most of the facilities.
The Ionics Desalination Plant, which is one of BWA’s major sources was affected by the electrical issues which took some time to be regularized.
The Authority made every effort to get its stations back online in as timely a manner as possible to reduce the impact to its customers.
The Authority has been in discussion with the Barbados Light & Power Company concerning this matter and awaits the results of their investigation.
The Barbados Water Authority apologizes for any miscommunication in its earlier messaging. (ENDS)