The Barbados Water Authority advises residents of Christ Church and St. Philip that today, Friday March 10th it is currently conducting emergency repairs on a large diameter main in the vicinity of Ball Park Road.  

As a result, customers in the following areas may be affected by a water outage or low pressure:

  • Fairview
  • Dolphin Park
  • Kingsland
  • Water Street
  • Lowlands
  • Coverley
  • Four Square Valley
  • Leadvale
  • Parish Land
  • Pitchers Hill
  • Patrick’s
  • Thyme Bottom
  • Walronds
  • Woodbourne
  • Bright Hill
  • Highlands
  • Newton Terrace
  • Newton Park
  • Wotton
  • Kendal Hill
  • Gibbons
  • Balls Land
  • Callenders
  • Southern Heights
  • Providence
  • Pilgrim Road
  • Durants
  • Chancery Lane
  • Fairy Valley
  • Foul Bay
  • Harlington
  • Oldbury
  • Martins


and surrounding areas.

Tankers have been dispatched to assist and residents will be updated on the progress of the work.

The Barbados Water Authority apologises for any inconvenience these emergency repairs at Ball Park Road, Christ Church may cause, today Friday, March 10th.    (ENDS)                                                        


March 10th 2023