The Barbados Water Authority advises today Sunday May 15th that we are currently experiencing low pressure and outages in a number of districts across the island as a result of frequent bursts.

As a consequence of the bursts and the time it takes for the systems to recover, areas in the Golden Ridge system like Logan Road, Baird’s Village, Harmony Cottage and Fairways are being affected. In the Castle Grant system, districts such as Braggs Hill, Suriname, Fruitful Hill, Bissex, St. Bernard’s Village, Hillaby and White Hill are also being impacted. In addition, in the Greens system residents in areas such as Superlative, Free Hill and Hope Road are being affected as well.

Leak detection and repair activities continue in the affected areas.

Water tankers are being deployed to assist residents in all districts until normal service can be restored.

The BWA apologizes for the inconvenience these service disruptions may cause.    (ENDS)





May 15, 2022