BWA LAUNCHES “Where are the Wells” CAMPAIGN

The Barbados Water Authority (BWA) is updating its data on groundwater and drainage wells in Barbados with the public’s assistance.
The BWA’s “Where are the Wells” Campaign was launched recently and in making the announcement, Dr. John Mwansa, Technical Advisor to the Barbados Water Authority, explained that the objective of the campaign is to enlist the public’s assistance in gathering information about the groundwater and drainage wells across the island. He said “The data we collect is key to the Authority’s effective management and protection of the island’s water resources, in addition to our looking to amend several water related Acts. He added, “The data collected will assist in the locations and mapping of all the wells currently in use as well as update the registry of persons who are licensed to abstract water in Barbados.”
Dr. Mwansa confirmed that over the years some persons have been illegally accessing groundwater from the national supply. He explained that this practice, if not properly managed, can create issues for all Barbadians. “It is like having a bank account for which you are responsible but other persons are making withdrawals without your knowledge”. He added, “We base our water resources data on the amount of rainfall we receive and customers usage, if there are persons extracting water from the country’s resources without our knowledge, this is a problem.” “Updating the information on drainage wells which are located on private properties or plantations is equally important as these must be properly maintained to ensure a safe groundwater supply.”
The Water Resources Management Unit overseeing this campaign, will investigate all reports and ultimately update the existing database with the location and condition of the newly discovered wells. (ENDS)

BWA Marketing/Communications Dept.
March 3, 2023