• The Barbados Water Authority invites tenders for the supply of Distribution Transformers to improve quality, add life cycle value and reduce cost and improve service reliability to its customer, through planned upgrades of the infrastructure at our potable and wastewater facilities


    For further information please contact the Manager of Procurement at the Barbados Water Authority, telephone number 434-4200 between the hours of 8:15 am and 4:30pm Monday to Friday.



    2.1          All bidders must supply the following information in their bids.  Failure to provide the information will render the bid void: –

    1. Registration number of company;
    2. Country in which company is registered;
    3. The date on which the company was first incorporated and the names and addresses of all company directors. Certified copy must be issued by the Corporate Affairs Registry.
    4. A certified copy of company’s Certificate of Incorporation, as evidence that the company is in existence at the date of the bid; Failure to provide the certified copy Certificate of Incorporation will render the tender null and Certified copy must be issued by the Corporate Affairs Registry.
    5. Registered office of the company
    6. In the case of sole proprietorships or partnerships, the names and addresses of owners must be supplied. If the business is registered under the Registration of Business Names Act, a copy of the registration must also be provided. Certified copy must be issued by the Corporate Affairs Registry.
    7. Barbadian bidders must provide a copy of their VAT Registration Certificate and Tax Identification Number (TIN).
    8. Tenders should be submitted in sealed envelopes marked “Tender for the Supply of Transformers #052022” and addressed to:-

    The Chairman

  1. Tenders Committee

    Barbados Water Authority

    Pine Commercial Estate

    The Pine

    St. Michael


    to reach the office no later than Friday September 30th , 2022 at 4:30pm.

    1. Tenders are to be placed in the Tenders Box which is located at the Barbados Water Authority’s office at Pine Commercial Estate, The Pine, and St. Michael.
    2. Bidders should first proceed to the receptionist, sign the register, then placed their bids in the Tenders Box which is located at the Barbados Water Authority’s Office at the BWA’s Headquarters at Pine Commercial Estate, St Michael.
    3. No Tender will be considered unless it complies with the conditions set out in the tender document
    4. The Barbados Water Authority does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender.

    Tenders can also be submitted via electronic mail with attachments in PDF format (For large files please submit multiple emails) to the email address below with the subject: “Tender for the Supply of Transformers #052022” and addressed to:


    The Chairman

    Tenders Committee

    Barbados Water Authority

    Email: [email protected]


    to reach the office no later than Friday September 30th, 2022 at 4:30pm.


    2.2          All prices must be quoted in Barbados or US Dollars, DAP, BWA warehouse. . All unit prices quoted must be inclusive of cost, insurance & freight. Prices quoted in US dollars will be evaluated using the prevailing exchange rate at the close of the tender. Payment in US dollars shall be made at the buying rate set by The Central Bank of Barbados at the time of payment.

    2.3          Prices tendered must be retained for the period of the contract. All terms of payment, lead time, country of manufacture and origin must be clearly indicated within your response.

    2.4          It is the responsibility of the supplier to make all the necessary arrangements for letters of credit or other credit documents as deemed necessary in order to procure the goods.  The Barbados Water Authority will not pay for any such documents.

    2.5          The BWA reserves the right to refuse any tender for the delivery of goods and services that does not conform with the requirements of this document.

    2.6          The successful bidder will be required to enter into a formal contract with the Barbados Water Authority.

    2.7          Complete specifications of all items must be submitted with the tender.


    1. PAYMENT

    The BWA shall pay the Supplier 50% of the contract price upon satisfactory evidence that the Goods have arrived in Barbados and the balance upon 20 days after satisfactory receipt of the Goods at the BWA’s authorised location.



    The successful Tenderer shall furnish the performance security for the performance of the contract in a form acceptable to the BWA within twenty-seven (27) days of the receipts of notification of award from the BWA.  The performance security shall be in a sum equivalent to ten percent (10%) of the contract price. The proceeds of the performance security shall be payable to the Barbados Water Authority as compensation for any loss resulting from the successful tenderer’s failure to complete its obligations under the contract.  If the tenderer is in default under the terms and conditions of the contract, the BWA shall be entitled to make a claim against the performance security. The claim shall be in writing to the agency, bank or insurance company that issues the performance security.

    The performance security shall be valid for one (1) year after the date for completion of the Supplier’s obligations, and shall be denominated in the currency of the contract or in a freely convertible currency acceptable to the BWA and shall be in one of the following forms:-


    1. A bank guarantee or irrevocable letter of credit, issued by a bank located in the Barbados or abroad, acceptable to the BWA and in the form provided in the Bidding Documents or another form acceptable to the BWA; or
    2. A cashiers cheque, or certified check payable to the BWA or cash.


    The performance security will be discharged by the BWA and returned to the supplier not later than one (1) year following the date of completion of the supplier’s performance obligations, including any warranty under the Contract.



    The Barbados Water Authority reserves the right to enforce penalties against a tenderer for delays occasioned by him in the late delivery of these goods.  The penalty shall apply from the agreed delivery dates of the goods. The total penalty shall not exceed 5% of contract sum for the first tranche, and 10% thereafter for each additional tranche. When there is evidence that the lack of performance directly impacts the BWA’s operations penalties in the form of a retention on payments due to the tenderer will be applied.


                    The Barbados Water authority will evaluate all Tenders based on the following criteria:

    • Compliance with instructions to tenderer
    • Compliance with specifications
    • Optimum pricing
    • Optimum lead time



    • Two (2) 250 kVA Pad-mount Transformers
    • Three (3) 300 kVA Pad-mount Transformers
    • Two (2) 500 kVA Pad-mount Transformers
    • One (1) 400 kVA Pad-mount Transformer
    • Seven (7) 800 kVA Pad-mount Transformers
    • Two (2) 25MVA Pad-mount Transformers

    All transformer sizes are to be in accordance with the attached specifications.

    3-Phase Padmount Transformer Specifications


    Size See Tender document for kVA sizes
    Standard IEEE/IEC
    Transformer type Padmount
    Connection Dyn11
    Frequency 50 Hz
    Phases 3
    Enclosure Type  Cabinet (NEMA- 3R)
    Efficiency ≥ 98.5% (At all percentages of loading)
    Primary Voltage 11000V
    Primary BIL Rating ≥ 95kV
    High Voltage Taps B Taps – 5 positions with respect to the nominal voltage: -5%, -2.5%, 0, 2.5%, 5%
    Primary Winding Material Copper
    Primary Connection Delta
    Protection Dual Sensing Bayonet Fusing
    Secondary Voltage 415Y/240V 3PH 4W
    Secondary BIL Rating ≥ 30kV
    LV Winding Material Copper
    Secondary Connection Star
    Cooling Information
    Temp Rise 55/65°C
    Cooling Class ONAN
    Cooling Oil Mineral
    Tank / Cabinet
    Tank Cover Bolted
    Pressure Relief Device Pressure Relief Valve
    Steel Stainless Steel: Tank Base, Cabinet Base, Nameplate
    Barriers Steel HV-LV Barrier
    Bushings / Tankfront
    HV Terminations Wells with 15kV inserts (200A)
    Bushing Layout Standard
    Feed Radial
    LV Termination Spade with holes
    Draining Drain Valve w/ Sampler
    Gauges Liquid Level Gauge
    Liquid Temperature Gauge
    Pressure Vacuum Gauge
    Switching None (switches external)
    Additional Information
    Radiator The radiator should be flanged and bolted on to the body of the transformer in order for it to be replaceable.
    Mobility Should come with hooks on the body of the cabinet for lifting of the transformer
    Tamper Prevention Should have security bolt(s) to lock the high voltage cabinet door
    Reports Test reports are to be sent with the transformer.
    Regulatory Requirements Transformer should also meet Barbados Light and Power Company and Government Electrical Engineering Department Specifications


    Also note the following:

    • Spare fuses should be included in the various sizes for each quotation.
    • Transformer specifications and drawings must be provided.
    • The items supplied are exempt from duties.
    • Both radiators are bolted and not welded.
    • State the material of the radiator (if possible).